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Meet your new AI-powered writing assistant. Floe is the CICD platform for writing better docs without the headache.

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Take the grunt work out of writing. Floe is like assigning a writing assistant to every pull request.

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Write your own rules.
Find and fix issues linters can't.

- Use the Oxford comma
- Use inclusive language. Use 'they' instead of 'he' or 'she'
WARN📂 docs/prerequisites.mdx

style-guide @@8,8:
The Oxford comma is missing before 'and' in a list of items.
➖ macOS, Windows and Linux are supported.
➕ macOS, Windows, and Linux are supported.

style-guide @@20,20:
The word 'he' is not inclusive.
He can then install the package.
They can then install the package.
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First Draft

Automatic content generation.
Write your first draft in seconds.

# {{ai "Write a short and simple title."}}
## {{env.DATE}}

{{ai "Announce the major change. Don't use technical jargon. Your tone should be casual, but professional."}}
First Draft
January 24, 2024
Today we're releasing First Draft. Create templates for a variety of use-cases: changelogs, release notes, API references, etc. When you create a PR, First Draft will automatically populate the template using contextual information and AI.


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