Account setup

Fork and clone the repository<OWNER>/floe.git
cd floe

Install dependencies

pnpm i

Register a GitHub app

  • Follow the Registering a GitHub App docs (opens in a new tab)
  • Enable the following settings:
    • Set the callback URL to http://localhost:3001/api/installation-callback
    • Check ON Request user authorization (OAuth) during installation and Enable Device Flow
    • Enable the following permissions:
      • Contents: Read-only
      • Issues: Read & write
      • Metadata: Read-only
      • Pull requests: Read & write
      • Members: Read-only
  • Keep this page open. You will need to get your App ID, Client ID, Client secret, and Private key handy for later

Create your database

  • Setup a MySQL database. You can do this locally or through a cloud provider. Floe uses PlanetScale.

Setup Vercel

  • In Vercel, create a Project. You can create it from the GitHub repository you just forked.
  • Setup a Redis KV store. You can do this through the Vercel dashboard on the Storage page.
  • Keep your environment variables handy for later.

Setup environment variables

Next, we need to setup our environment variables.

Copy .env.example files

Create a .env by copying the .env.example file in the following directories:

    • .env.example
        • .env.example
        • .env.example
      • .env.example

    • Set the DATABASE_URL to your MySQL database. If you are using PlanetScale, you can get this by running pscale connect <DATABASE_NAME> --port 3309 and copying the DATABASE_URL from the output.
    • Set the DATABASE_URL to mysql://root@<DATABASE_NAME>?connection_limit=100


    • Generate a cryptographically secure string and set it as the NEXTAUTH_SECRET. The easiest way to do this is to run openssl rand -base64 32 in your terminal.


    • Generate a 16 and 32 character cryptographically string and set them as the FLOE_SECRET_IV and FLOE_SECRET_KEY respectively. The easiest way to do this is to run openssl rand -base64 16 and openssl rand -base64 32 in your terminal.

    Remaining variables

    • You should be able to fill most other variables if you followed the Prerequisites and Installation steps.
    • You will not yet have created keys for FLOE_API_WORKSPACE or FLOE_API_SECRET yet.

    Running the app

    Sync your database

    Run this from the packages/db directory.

    npx prisma db push

    Seed your database

    Run this from the packages/db directory.

    npx prisma db seed

    Copy the output at the end. This will be needed to login.

    Start the app

    Let's start the app (finally 🎉)!

    pnpm dev

    This should have started 3 dev servers:


    Go to http://localhost:3001 (opens in a new tab) and enter the auth cookie you copied earlier into your console. Or, if you entered a SENDGRID_API key you can enter an email to signup manually. You should receive an email with a link to verify your account. That's it!