Basic usage

Basic usage

Let's use an example. Say we want to enforce specific terminology in our documentation.

Add a rule

Make sure to always use the following terminology instead of these alternatives:
- `main` instead of `master`
- "Floe" instead of ""
# ...

Add the rule to a ruleset

  "$schema": "",
  "reviews": {
    "maxFileEvaluations": 5,
    "maxDiffEvaluations": 20
  "rulesets": {
    "docs": {
      "include": ["**/*.mdx"],
      "rules": {
        "terminology": "error"


We can now start using the CLI to review our changes.

Review unstaged changes

# This is the same as running `floe review diff HEAD`
floe review diff

Review the last commit and fix it

floe review diff HEAD~1 --fix

Review an existing file

floe review files some/path/to/